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Secret life of success

My secret life of success  Everyday feels so special to me. I always appreciate the little I get. One thing I know for sure is that I have nothing but love. Something that gives me hope, gives me the courage to stand tall and face my dreams, and that something is the love that surrounds me every day. Someone once told me that "happy are those who are poor because they appreciate the little they get, but they never settle for less, they thank the almighty for the little they have" and I choose to never settle for less. One thing that encourages me to have faith in myself is that I dream big and focus on my life. I don’t live to fulfill other people’s expectations because expectations hurt. I live according to my will and God’s will. I have realized that once you get the opportunity to pursue your dreams, it does not matter where you come from, what matters is where you are going. You can fulfill your dreams only if you become strong and believe in yourself. Always remember whe

Praising God

God, I can spend the whole day worshiping you for the way of life and the grace you offer me and my family. The day you came, our lives changed for perfection, we are able to pray. No word is too abundant to describe how our hearts feel. But since you live in us, we conclude you know our hearts. When I think of how you saved the Israelites, I think of how you took us and how many years we suffered, I become emotional when I think of it. We were lost in the wilderness; we were rejected; we were slaves, and you came along. We paid nothing to deserve this. It’s your grace, lord. Indeed, God prepares a table before you in front of your adversaries.  My life was caved, and I lived like a beast. I was hemmed in by my enemies, thinking that I would fall and that I would become their food. They laughed at me, thinking that I would fall into their traps and their mouths were open, ready to devour me, but God strengthened his hand and intervened. I managed to escape from their traps and instead

Giving thanks to the LORD

He has made me a reason to endure. A comforter for my lament. He washed me when I was unclean. He cleared my views when I was unconscious and folded. He lent me the way when I was forgotten. He showed me affection when anybody bounded me. Where would I be without his gracious love? Where would I be if I never met him? I was in the wilderness and now I have been found. I cry every time I think about what he's done and how deep his love and comfort are. He chose me and welcomed me with opened arms.. I was a sinner, but now I am his. I found shelter in his arms and I am of God, for he loves me more than I love myself. When life was tough, I would sometimes think of taking my life away, but he would come and remind me who I am. He admonishes me that he is bigger than my problems.. He will never fail me.