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Experiences of life, chapter 3

Many years ago, when I was doing grade 7, God compelled me to pen something that has remained in my mind until this day. I was a child, but I had a very clear revelation that came to my spirit. I didn’t know that God was literally preparing me to write this story (chapter) today.  It took me years and years, and that is why I always tell people who are close to me that God’s designed time is the best. I remember using my 3310 Nokia phone to write down everything that popped into my mind.

Allow me to tell you my experiences in my life. (Chapter 2)

Along my experiences in life, I learned to be patient and trust God's process. And to be honest, following God isn't an easy task, but believe me when I say, "it's worthwhile."   During the waiting, he teaches us, strengthens our character, faith, and ability to know him better. In one of Joyce Meyer's most interesting books, she wrote, "Following God is like climbing a mountain, and if he showed us how high the mountain is, some of us would've given up a long time ago." Joyce Meyer certainly comprehends how difficult it is to trust the unseen and unforeseeable, but we must trust him.

Allow me to tell you about my experience.

Chapter one I don’t know where to commence, but I just want you to know that I am a survivor. My existence is testimony, and that reminds me: there is no testimony without a test. God is so  Incredible that you can never figure out how he manages to do what he does. I sit here glorifying him for taking good care of me since I was in my mother’s womb. A decent life is not about having material things only; a good life is knowing that God is under control and you have nothing to worry about. We all want great things in life, but if they come in a way that will mislead us, we should quickly resist them.

You are being called to repentance by God

The greatest deception perpetrated by the devil is that you have plenty of time to make things right with God. Life is too short to postpone prayer. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, and no one knows if we'll see it. We are only alive because of his grace, and we have no idea how long he has decided to keep us alive.  I recall attending a church service some years ago and being approached by a man of God. "Come  to the front," the Prophet of God ordered. And I was trembling because I sensed he had something to say to me from God.

God will never give up on you

O ne thing that I want you to know is that the enemy is going to try and throw your mistakes in your face.  Why?? Because he wants you to give up on yourself! Satan wants to keep you down and out- that way you are not a threat to him. But if you have gone to God, and confessed your sins with sincere heart, then you are forgiven!

A heart-warming story about an 11-year-old boy who won a soul for Jesus  

Every Sunday afternoon, after their church's morning service, the Pastor and his 11-year-old son would walk out into their community and distribute Gospel leaflets. As the pastor and his son prepared to walk out into the streets with their pamphlets on this particular Sunday afternoon, it was bitterly cold and storming outside. "Okay, Dad, I'm ready," the youngster said, wrapping himself in his warmest and driest garments.

God’s Message to all His Children with immediate effect

Please be aware that you will need to make modifications to your lifestyle. These changes must be done in order for me to fulfill my commitments to you and provide you with peace, joy, and optimism in this life. I apologize for any inconvenience, but after everything I’ve been through, this seems like a small favor to ask of you. I know I’ve already given you the Ten Commandments. Keep them and follow these ten (10) guidelines as well. 1. STOP WORRYING You’ve been dealt a blow in life, and all you can do is sit and worry.

A touching tale of the way an empty chair helped a person to pray

A man’s daughter had requested the neighborhood minister to return and pray together, along with her father. When the minister arrived, he observed the person’s mendacity in the mattress, along with his head propped up on pillows. An empty chair sat beside his mattress.  The minister assumed that the antique fellow was knowledgeable about his visit. “I bet you have been looking forward to me,” he expressed. “No, who’re you?” The father stated, “I’m the brand new minister at your church,” he replied.

Life is a Journey

Let me first describe what a journey is. It means traveling from one place to another with the intention of arriving at your desired destination. When we travel, we all want to arrive on time without any unnecessary delays. Life is a journey. If you didn’t know, let me unfold it to you today. In the book of (John 14: 2-4), Jesus tells his disciples that he is going home to prepare a place for them, because in his father’s house there are many houses and that he’ll come back again to take them so that they can be where he is.

Did God betray me?

On November 4th, 2018, I woke up and found the day had turned into an exquisite church day, and the following day would be my birthday. I figured out how I was going to celebrate my birthday. I desired my day to be special. I wrote everything down, and later I fixed myself up for church. Time wasn’t on my side, so I texted my pal so that she could reserve a chair for me. And I didn’t get any response from my pal. I called, and she answered, "Hi, I believe you didn’t call me to tell me you will not go to church because that won’t work."   I responded to her, "no, not at all. Furthermore, I phoned because I wanted you to secure a chair for me, but it’s okay, because you’re still at your apartment. " She responded, "Yes, I am still at my flat, and sorry!!!". I dropped the phone call. I quickly rushed to the train station. I used the train on Sundays because it was free. And amazingly, I arrived earlier than I expected. The church was so crowded and the e

A women's Crown

I am sure that there is a princess in every woman. That girl who always wants to let her inner sparkle shine but at times gets so distracted by the cares of the world that the sparkle fades. Her life is best described and illustrated by a graph. She has her highest moments when everything is going for her, from school to work to home. All her friends love her, her man adores her, her parents praise her and all her younger sisters/cousins have her as their role model. Due to all the expectations, she gets lost in taking care of everyone, ensuring that they are all okay, so she puts her needs last. The number of responsibilities that are placed on her overwhelms her and she can not seem to catch a break.

The biggest accomplishment

The biggest accomplishment isn’t a degree, living in a mansion house, living a luxurious lifestyle. No, the greatest achievement in existence is to detect and fulfill your purpose in life. All other achievements are just blessings. Life is too short to be moving around and looking for people’s endorsement, but rather to identify God’s endorsement.God isn’t going to reward us for how we achieved that degree or mansion, but for how we lived and fulfilled our purpose. We came into this world to achieve one thing: God’s purpose.

How to prosper

1. Choose to win- By altering how you think, how you maintain your life and how you speak. 2. Recall the bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death, declare life in every dead situation. 3.  Hook up to Christ- hook to his wisdom and power. 4. Learn his language- he communicates tenderness, faith, life and hope. 5. Go for him- when you want something, build something and anything that has to do with your needs.  6. Build a team-share your visions and missions to people you trust and look for their support through your proposal. Expect big- nothing is big before God.

Some of the reasons why people stop going to church

Some of the reasons why people stop going to church I was told by many people that they stopped going to church because people at church hurt them at some point, so they left church all together. That’s why God tells us not to put our trust in man. I also have people who tell me that they don’t tithe and give offerings because the money will be used to buy pastors' expensive cars and suits, so they don’t want to make them "richer" than they are. According to them, the pastors are already stealing from the congregations, so they say they are too smart to be duped like that. But wait, are you giving or tithing to obey a man or God? Moving on... No, let’s park here for a flash. When you choose to buy a dress and it comes to your attention that your dress lady is duping you when it comes to the price and quality of the dresses she sells, do you stop wearing clothes all together or do you look for another dress?   Guard your heart with all diligence, because out of it

Allow God to take care of you

I was at the hospital today where I met an amazing nurse, Lorna. She and I have become good friends due to my now frequent visits to the hospital. Of all the nurses I have met and interacted with all my life (I think there are five of them), she tops the list. As we were chatting, I listened to her talk to me about her job, especially with the ongoing doctors’ strike, and I couldn’t help but admire her love for people. Sick people, I might add; she calls them her patients, and she went on and on about how she treats them, cleans them and nurses them completely until they are back. As soon as she said that, a sigh of relief washed over me because I knew she would take care of me, so I let her. When I got home, I was just drained. It’s been one hard month for me. Before it all started, I remember having this dread of hospitals, and I kept praying and asking God to not let me end up in a hospital for whatever reason. The more I prayed about it, the more the fear intensified. One time, on

You have a full control over yourself

I am not much of a tetchy or geeky chic, but I know a thing or two about computers. Take Microsoft Word, for example. I know that I can copy and paste stuff I don’t feel like writing all over again. I know I can cut stuff I don’t like in a document I’m working on. I also know that if I don’t like some new applications that I installed or get bored with them over time, I can restore everything back to its default settings by uninstalling them and get rid of them.

Story: Let us treat people the way we want to be treated

A few weeks ago, I had a not so "saved" moment. Someone pissed me off, and I was ready to cuss them out. I kept talking about the things about this person that irked me and went on and on and on about how unfair the person was. In my eyes, I was a saint who was justified in feeling what she felt and speaking the way she did. Instead of having peace and a lot of contentment for "speaking my mind," my heart was deeply heavy. I ignored the heaviness and continued to be nasty about the whole situation and continued to shift blame and that’s when I realized that the Pharisee in me was still alive and well. Fast track to the current situation... We go to church on Sundays or on any other day and speak in hushed tones as we ask why people in that church are not getting saved. We wonder why so and so is still not married, why the lead worshiper had to wear that dress with those shoes. Our greetings have turned to "praise the Lord, have you heard mama Nani was sent away

Being me is not easy

Have you noticed those billboards that have questions like, “Is your life where you want it to be? Have you accomplished what you thought you would bring about or wished to have obtained by this time, this year?” I had these questions today, and I carried out that no, my life is not where I want it to be. No, I have not achieved what I wanted to have achieved by this point this year. I mean, I am still struggling with things I was meant to do in January, so I think asking me about achieving my January to October plans is pushing it... just saying. Do I get frustrated at times when things do not go my way? Yes, 100% Do I feel pressured by everyone’s expectations of me? You have no idea. I just smile, but in my head I am screaming, “Leave me alone.” I never thought I would see the day when suddenly almost everyone would be interested in finding out when I would get married and to whom. I meet my parents’ friends and most of them are like, “yes, call us now, we are ready.” Some touch my a

All things are working out for my good

I have a God who is not only enthroned on High, but in His own special way, also comes all the way down to my level to speak to me in a way that I can understand and know it’s Him. He does not mind getting his hands dirty as he sorts me and my issues out. He is the only one I know who remains faithful even when I am unfaithful, and that’s why I can only boast of His love for me and not mine for Him, because mine is flawed. He is also the only one I know who allows me to go through seasons of being "hurt", but he never allows these seasons to "hurt" (damage) me. Instead, they help to shape my character, which makes me understand in a deeper way that faithfulness is more than the kisses of an enemy.

Be it unto me according to your will

I woke up this morning with a desperate desire for God's will to reign in my life. I was in that place where i was trying to make head or at least tail of the things happening in my life and trying to understand the reason why there is so much drama happening and specifically why some promises are taking so long...and then i received this from a friend.  "For I am working in the secret things in your heart, in your mind, and in your circumstances, to bring about greater awareness of my plans for you. For you are so easily distracted by the here and now, by the things that are temporary, by the things that are unimportant. And so, these things that grab your attention, and hold it, are what you see, and these things are not important, they are not truly relevant. So the things I’m working on are out of your sight, out of your vision, beyond your awareness, but nevertheless, they are important, they are relevant, they are necessary. I am working in these areas, in these issues,