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5 reasons why our prayers are unanswered

Every Christian has times when he or she feels as if God is a thousand miles away. We must walk by faith, not by feelings. When we can't see God's hand, we have to rely on his heart.   We do not inquire. I know this seems obvious, but it's where we have to start. "You don't have what you want because you don't ask God for it," James 4:2 says. Instead, we tend to worry and complain.

Why God allows Christians to go through trials

There are many reasons, and one of them is that God wants to end our problems and destroy our enemies completely. God also wants to gain honour over our enemies. Remember the Israelites and how they escaped from Egypt? Along their journey, they couldn’t proceed because Pharaoh, his horsemen, and his army, overtook them camping by the sea. The Israelites panicked and thought that they were doomed, but Moses wasn’t frightened by the situation.

Jesus is searching

  Jesus is searching for someone for whom he can perform a wonder, someone with faith. Nothing is impossible for God, according to the Bible’s book of Luke 1:37. We limit his capabilities by not believing in him. We stopped requesting extraordinary things from him. Jesus is asking you to try again, the same way he asked Peter to throw the net into the water again. I’m not sure about you, but I believe God can do extraordinary, beyond human comprehension. If your two hands can’t fix it, it’s time to turn it over to God.

Jesus’s love for us

Sometimes, we may feel alone and despondent. We need someone or something to serve as a reminder of his love. Even with so many Bible verses about God's love, many of us struggle to understand how it truly works. It is difficult to grasp the idea that God loves us regardless of how we feel about ourselves. We may believe that in order for God to love us more, we must perform well, or that we must accomplish something in order to earn His loving hand and approval.  But God's love for us is unquestionable.

What is faith

Everyone talks about it, but few take the time to define it. Faith is more than simply believing in certain teachings, such as the existence of God; it is a strong conviction that the world is part of a larger plan, God’s plan. Faith means that, while the world may appear chaotic and uncontrollable, we know deep down that this chaotic world is not where we truly belong. Rather, the strength and power of God guide our lives.

Prayer for restoration

I know you're feeling pressured right now. Maybe life isn't going as planned, and you've been trying to figure it out but feel like luck isn't on your side.  I'd like to remind you that in Joel 2:25, God promises to restore to us our lost and wasted years. God will restore everything lost to the devil. Job lost everything, but in the end, everything was restored to him, even multiple times over.

How to intercede effectively

Intercession is prayer that pleads God to meet your needs as well as the needs of others. Intercession entails seizing God’s will and rejecting to let go until his will is fulfilled. Paul clarified in Romans 8:26-27 that we do not know what we have to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us.  Here are five effective methods for interceding. 1. Examine your heart for sin: Ask God to search for your heart to see if there is any sin in your life that is preventing you from hearing God’s voice.

When is Jesus coming back to this earth?

We will not be able to predict the exact date of Jesus' arrival.  The Bible, on the other hand, makes it abundantly clear that those who have the Holy Spirit living within them—that is, those who accept Jesus as Savior—can understand the nature of the times that will herald His return (1 Thessalonians 5:2-6) Signs of his coming Jesus says in Matthew 24:37 that His return will be "Just like in the days of Noah." What the Lord is saying here is, "I'm going to return when the earth is in as bad shape as it was in Noah's day."

Prayer for wisdom and understanding

Feel the necessity to seek the Lord, His word, and His guidance whenever difficult incidents occur. Look to God's Word and prayer to enable your steps. When we open our ears to hear what the Spirit has to say, we allow our hearts to be encouraged, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us. God's promises will be fulfilled. We can put our trust in God's Word.

How Christians worship their God

Christians worship both individually and jointly. In whatever they do, they worship with their full spirit. They worship with a pure and sincere heart. Music, singing, prayer, assisting others, charitable living, and many other forms of Christian worship, are all part of the process.  How can I discover how and when to worship God appropriately? If we truly want to worship God in spirit and truth, we must first purify our hearts.

A prayer to overcome anxiety

Heavenly Father, I come before you. I'm laying my anxiety and fear at your feet. I ask that you assist me in overcoming all of my doubts and fears when I feel crushed. Please remind me that you are a mighty God and that I can put my faith in you. I'm well aware that I won't be able to complete this task on my own.  Lord, I require your assistance! I'm worn out. The world around me has become increasingly difficult to bear.

God has invested something in you

If you are unaware, the devil will take advantage of your ignorance. Consider this: God knows how much He has invested in you. He doesn’t save you one day and then take you to heaven the next. He calls and equips you for a specific purpose in this world. Making comparisons is a mistake. What you do with what you have determines your reward, not what you have. You get into trouble with God when you bury your talent because you’re afraid to take a risk and fail.

A prayer for instant healing

Among our most urgent prayers is a cry for healing. We can seek healing from the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, when we are in pain. It doesn't matter if we need help in our bodies or in our spirits; God has the power to heal us. According to the Bible, we are healed because of Jesus' stripes. You will be healed if you pray this prayer with great faith.

How to love and care for ourselves

In our hearts, we should prioritize our love for God. According to the Bible, the greatest commandment is to "Love Jehovah our God with all our hearts." Matthew 12:28-30. And here are some few guidelines on how we can love and care for ourselves: When we begin to appreciate and love the way God created us. When we begin to notice that our strength is resurrected in the presence of God.

God is calling you

If all you have is God, you have everything you need. He will make a way for you and provide for you. Don’t be concerned about where life may lead you because your LORD JESUS CHRIST is with you every step of the way! He promises  to never leave you, so you can be confident that he will keep his word.  Your heavenly father has summoned you. He extends to you both his mercy and his incredible grace. You should never be embarrassed to open your heart to your father in heaven.

Prayer to overcome the devil

The devil is terrified of the light that exists within you. I believe you are a Christian and a true believer. God has a plan for your life, and the devil also has a plan for your life. So, time to unwind is not on your side. God has given you power, and that power is on your tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Use your tongue to bring life into the world and to remind the devil who you are! In addition, speak life into any dead situation. The Bible says in Revelation chapter 12 verse 11 that the devil was defeated by the words of their testimonies and the blood of the Lamb.

God created you for what purpose?

God made you on purpose, and for a very special reason! You were born exactly for this time! Isn't it a coincidence that you're alive today in this epoch? God carefully orchestrated your life so that you would fit in at this precise moment. (As stated in Romans 8:29-30) God's desire for us is to acquire divine nature, which entails eternal life.  We are to overcome all sin in order to build the body of Christ, the church, to His glory both on earth and forever.

What are the various kinds of Christian fasting?

The purpose of fasting is to abstain from something for a set period of time in order to increase our dependence on God and demonstrate to Him our need and desire for Him. Fasting is a form of self-control and self-sacrifice. Christian fasting is classified into six types: absolute fasting, soul fasting, complete fasting, partial fasting, corporate fasting, and Daniel fasting.

God will never give up on you

O ne thing that I want you to know is that the enemy is going to try and throw your mistakes in your face.  Why?? Because he wants you to give up on yourself! Satan wants to keep you down and out- that way you are not a threat to him. But if you have gone to God, and confessed your sins with sincere heart, then you are forgiven!

How do you discover your life’s calling or purpose?

To have a "calling," you must first have a caller. How can you have a call if no one is calling you to do something?  As for us Christians, God is calling us to something. But what exactly is he calling us to do, and how do we detect this earlier in existence? In this article, we’ll consider how to discover your calling.   You must learn to recognize various voices, because God isn’t the only one speaking. There’s also the voice of our flesh, the world, and Satan.

A prayer for the night

Before going to bed, end your day with prayer to let go of stress and find peace. Whatever you've been through today, talking to God through an evening prayer, will restore your faith and allow you to sleep soundly. Night prayers can also help you portray on your day and how, The Lord Jesus has been with you. "You've said that we're like sheep. And that you, like a shepherd, lead and protect us. You remember our names and make us feel important and cherished.

Morning devotional (Day 6)

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming combination of emotions, such as tears of gratitude and joy, all at the same time? I came across an excellent definition of joy. “The feeling of guffawing on the inside is joy.” And what a wonderful sensation it gives me on the inside! Take a moment right now to thank God for all of your generosity. When God blesses you, it brings him joy as well. There’s someone out there right now who desires to hear this. Life can be so painful at times that you can’t even find the words to pray.

What exactly is the identity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

I addressed the Holy Spirit in my previous article, so today I'd want to go over Jesus in further detail. However, just considering Jesus Christ on the basis of his exemplary life and superior moral teaching would not eliminate the stumbling hurdles to Christianity presented by an unbelieving universe. The true litmus test for what one thinks of him must be who he claimed to be and what he accomplished during his brief visit to our planet. Our conclusion must be that Christianity does not exist apart from Christ; everything revolves around him.

Deliverance prayer from the spirit of fear

In this world, fear is rife. We are afraid of change, of pain, and of grief. It's almost as if it's a part of our genetic make up. We are continuously surrounded by fear. And it's true, if you think about it. Terror is ingrained in our DNA because when the first humans ate from the forbidden tree, it was fear that drove them to flee. They hid from God, the Creator and Provider of all things. "They concealed from their Lord, as do we, don't we?"

Who exactly is the Holy Spirit?

L et's discuss about the Trinity to get a better understanding of this. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are the three members of the Trinity. Christians do not believe in the worshiping or serving several gods. God the Son, often known as Jesus Christ, was God manifested in human form. When we embrace Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us and helps us grow closer to God.

Morning devotional (Day 5)

In your storm, Jesus is with you, and he will hold your hand as you walk through it together! The only thing he asks of you is that you trust and believe in him. Faith is knowing that God will do something rather than believing that God can. Remember, nothing occurs to you or comes your way until your father gives his approval! God has a plan and a reason for everything we go through, even if we don't always understand why. Remember that his ideas are greater than ours, and his ways are more than ours.

Is it possible for a sinner to enter heaven?

According to the Bible, we are all sinners who deserve to die in hell. But, because God is love and full of grace, He made a way for His Son, Jesus, to come and die on the cross for our sins, so that we could live forever with Him. This gift of salvation, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life is something we cannot earn, but rather receive by God's generosity. It is available to everybody who believes in God and accepts the gift by faith.

A heart-warming story about an 11-year-old boy who won a soul for Jesus  

Every Sunday afternoon, after their church's morning service, the Pastor and his 11-year-old son would walk out into their community and distribute Gospel leaflets. As the pastor and his son prepared to walk out into the streets with their pamphlets on this particular Sunday afternoon, it was bitterly cold and storming outside. "Okay, Dad, I'm ready," the youngster said, wrapping himself in his warmest and driest garments.

Morning devotional (Day 4)

God made you to be exceptional and one-of-a-kind, and he refers to you as his masterpiece! There is no one who is exactly like you among the billions of people on our globe. So don't allow anyone to convince you that you're a mistake, unlovable, or undesired! God calls you perfect and loves you unconditionally and indefinitely.  The creator of the universe, your heavenly father, thinks the world of you!   I want you to quit allowing your flaws to define you and instead challenge them!

Morning devotional (Day 3)

Every second of every hour of every day, we require God’s presence in our lives. When circumstances in our lives seem out of control and more difficult than we can bear, depend on God and experience his enormous strength and incredible grace. We are encouraged to walk by faith rather than sight, believing God at every step of the way. Take your burdens to the foot of the cross and leave them there if you are tired right now. God promises to give us power when we have rested. Allow God to have complete control and access to your life.

Relationships advice

Relationships we are in, on a daily basis. It is up to the people involved in a relationship to decide how it will develop. The relationship between your creator and you is the one you can truly rely on. God desires a personal relationship with us via His Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Liberator. We are estranged from God as a result of our sinfulness.

6 Godly relationship Quotes

  "Allow God to provide you with the right relationship by letting go of the incorrect one and trusting in His timing." "Relationships that aren't founded on God's firm and unshakeable basis are nothing more than sandcastles that can crumble at any time." "Allow your relationship to be completely pure, with no room for impurities."

What is the best method of hearing God’s voice?

Laying your choices before the Lord and following the direction of His peacefulness is one of the best methods of hearing God’s voice when deciding. It is His peace that surpasses all understanding, which watches over our hearts and minds while also leading us. What does God’s mighty voice sounds like? When we conceive of hearing God’s voice, we often imagine that it simply entails waiting until you hear God’s audible and thunderous voice.

How to know if you are called to be a Prophet

There is a lot of confusion concerning the call into prophetic ministry. Many Christians are searching for confirmation.  To walk worthy of your calling, you must first have faith in God's call on your life..  Once you are sure, you can count the cost and decide whether to embrace the spiritual battle that lies ahead. This rule does have a few exceptions. Some pastors are too self-conscious to notice the gifts and callings of people around them. However, if you are called to prophetic ministry, rest certain that your call will be discerned in due season.

4 signs that God approves your relationship

I assume you are a Christian who is dedicated to living your life for God. Surely, how the Lord sees your relationship is very significant to you. As a result, if you want to know if God approves your relationship, consider the following signs: 1. It is Biblical. You should have a biblical connection if you want a marriage or relationship that pleases God.

God’s Message to all His Children with immediate effect

Please be aware that you will need to make modifications to your lifestyle. These changes must be done in order for me to fulfill my commitments to you and provide you with peace, joy, and optimism in this life. I apologize for any inconvenience, but after everything I’ve been through, this seems like a small favor to ask of you. I know I’ve already given you the Ten Commandments. Keep them and follow these ten (10) guidelines as well. 1. STOP WORRYING You’ve been dealt a blow in life, and all you can do is sit and worry.

A touching tale of the way an empty chair helped a person to pray

A man’s daughter had requested the neighborhood minister to return and pray together, along with her father. When the minister arrived, he observed the person’s mendacity in the mattress, along with his head propped up on pillows. An empty chair sat beside his mattress.  The minister assumed that the antique fellow was knowledgeable about his visit. “I bet you have been looking forward to me,” he expressed. “No, who’re you?” The father stated, “I’m the brand new minister at your church,” he replied.

Morning devotional (day 2)

There is a lot of power in prayer! God will build you up, reinforce you, and assist you! When you speak together with your Heavenly father, you are also getting reffiled, so you can then be a vessel and pour out to others who want to pay attention to Jesus and his remarkable love for us. Pray this prayer: Dear Lord, thanks for nowadays and for the two presents that I opened this morning: my eyes.

God will intervene from heaven to save you.

Do you feel exhausted, sad, physically, emotionally, or psychologically ill? Jesus understands how you feel and will hold you in his loving arms. He has the ability to calm your wounded heart and worried thoughts. He can fix your life, no matter how twisted up it is right now. He has the ability to heal even the most problematic relationships. Remember, nothing is out of his reach! So, right now, go into Jesus' open arms and share your heart with him.

Morning devotional (Day 1)

God is present for us in so many ways! He is our wonderful, loving father, and he adores us and will be there for us every step of the way. Don't forget to include him in whatever you're doing or circumstance. He can complete tasks that would usually take us years to complete. Remember, he is our creator and miracle worker.  Now pray: Dear Lord, I put on my spiritual armor as I begin my day! I put on my salvation helmet. Please preserve my mind and thoughts, Lord, and enable me to avoid having any poisonous thoughts today.

You will find love

Even though your life is like a prison, light will eventually tear you open. You will gradually transform into stars. You will gradually transform into the entire beautiful, sensual cosmos. Love will undoubtedly blast you open into an unbridled, booming new universe. When you have a pure and compassionate heart, God will make sure that everything works out for you.

What is the process of forgiveness?

It is difficult to forgive and let go, but you must remember that when you forgive, you are doing so for yourself and not for anyone else. Forgiveness permits you to let go of the past. How will you be able to focus on the future if you are still preoccupied with the past? To hold on to something in life, you must first let go of whatever is pulling you down. And here are three steps to help you forgive.  Forgive yourself.  Instead of blaming yourself for the things you can not change, focus on what is ahead of you.

Fear is the enemy of success

According to the Bible, it is impossible to please God without faith. God has not given us the spirit of low self-confidence , but of boldness. Fear is a tool used by Satan to kill the weak. I was once told that I didn't believe in myself. I lacked self-control over fear. And, according to them, it was correct. Satan would use that as an entrance or a doorway to get to me. He'll show up with a stunt, and if I ignore him, he'll ask, "What will people think?" I used to care more about what other people thought of me than what God thought of me, but not longer since I know and comprehend what I'm carrying.

Life is a Journey

Let me first describe what a journey is. It means traveling from one place to another with the intention of arriving at your desired destination. When we travel, we all want to arrive on time without any unnecessary delays. Life is a journey. If you didn’t know, let me unfold it to you today. In the book of (John 14: 2-4), Jesus tells his disciples that he is going home to prepare a place for them, because in his father’s house there are many houses and that he’ll come back again to take them so that they can be where he is.