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Fix your eyes on God and not the storm

The more we concentrate on the storm, the more we will become distracted, because what takes our attention controls our lives. When we focus on our problems, it's as if we're trusting our circumstances rather than God. Holy Spirit will make us more like Him if we get to know Him and connect with Him. The more we resemble Him, the more we will recognize His complete adequacy for all of life's ups and downs.  The Bible advises us to fix our eyes on Jesus in Hebrews 12:1-2, because even our own eyes can cause us to sin if we lose focus. In Matthew 18:9, Jesus persuades us to pluck out and cast out the sinful eye. Everything that leads us to lose our concentration should be gouged out and discarded.

What does God require from us?

Obedience is a requirement from God. No amount of money or giving can replace "obedience". We demonstrate and prove our love for God when we obey him. Following God's commands is a necessary part of loving him. Jesus taught his disciples in John 14:15 that if they truly loved him, they would obey his commands. Our positions may be jeopardized if we disobey. Sin and death entered the earth as a result of Adam and Eve's disobedience. Saul lost his reign due to his disobedience. Saul attempted to substitute sacrifice for obedience.

Daily prayer

It's easy to forget about the habit when life becomes busy or things are going well. However, making it a daily habit to pray is a wonderful way to stay anchored in your faith on a daily basis.  It's also a wonderful opportunity to make quiet, reflective time for yourself and your God a priority. The Bible says that if we submit our petitions and prayers to God, He will grant us peace! May these daily prayers assist you in finding the right words to pray and focusing your heart and spirit on God's love today.

Why do I need God in my life?

We want to figure everything out on our own, but that's not how God intended things to work out. Each day, there are several events that are beyond our understanding. Every day, we need a new word from God that speaks to our hearts to help us stay focused on what matters most. Trying to run this course of life without Jesus will leave us completely depleted. Jesus is significant to us because, through His love , teachings, hope, and peace, he assists us in changing our lives, facing adversities, and moving forward in faith.  When we fall short, we require Jesus Christ's gift of repentance.

Your body is the temple of the holy spirit

Anything that includes the presence of God is considered holy. The body that receives the Holy Spirit's gift is special to God and is meant to represent His nature. When we consider ourselves to be God's temple, we should be more cautious about where we travel, what we watch, and what we listen to. Our bodies don't belong to us; they belong to God, so they should be clean and free from unnecessary impurities (see 1 Corinthians 6:19-20). As a result, take good care of it and put it to good use for God's purposes. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we lose our right to do whatever we want with our bodies.

Why should I thank God even though I don't have a reason to thank him for?

The Bible teaches us to be grateful in all circumstances because it is God's will for us in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18). We can praise God for his constancy, for the fact that he never leaves or forsakes us, and for the promise of eternal life that he has given us through his Son, Jesus Christ. We have everything because he gave it to us. That includes even us–our lives, our minds, and our bodies are all factors to consider. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit , according to Scripture (1 Corinthians 6:19) . They aren't our bodies in the true sense.  After all, verse 20 reveals to us that God bought us at a price.

Morning prayer

What we do first thing in the morning has an important influence on our lives throughout the day. We are much more resistant to the temptation to sin when we begin each day seeking God's love and mercy! Each morning, seek God's presence before your energy and attention are diverted by the tasks that lie ahead. Starting our days with prayer instills faith and serenity in our minds and hearts. By praying for gratitude and humility, we can maintain virtue in our daily tasks and interactions.

When God is with us, who can stand against us? Romans 8:31.

Paul reminds persecuted Christians that no one can bring a charge against them because God justifies them.  Nothing, whether in Heaven, on Earth, or in Hell, can keep God from loving and reaching out to us.  I know that there are times when we feel as though we are losing the battle, however that is when the spirit of negativity rises against us.  That is a trick Satan uses, because he is aware that we are approaching the "finish line".  Maintaining a positive mindset is definitely the most important thing you can do in these difficult situations.

Why do we pray

Our inspiration to pray comes from Jesus because, though he was God in human form, he still prayed. God has given us access to his inheritance, and that can be obtained through dedication and prayer. Jesus taught us how to pray to our father in Matthew 6:9–14, and this gives us confidence that whatever we ask of God, according to his will, will be given to us. We pray because it is the means by which we communicate with our Creator. When a phone's battery is completely depleted, it is rendered useless and powerless. When you connect it to the charger, however, it regains its strength and functionality.

Why did God silence the mouth of Zachariah

The Angel Gabriel tells the priest Zachariah in Luke 1:18-19 that he is going to have a son. But Zachariah demanded proof, and as a result, God took Zachariah's voice and fulfilled the prophecy. The message makes it clear that Zachariah is punished for his lack of faith. This is similar to Paul's situation. He couldn't see anything. Jesus temporarily blinded him so that he could see the truth   (Act 9: 9) . Nebuchadnezzar, too, went insane until he humbled himself (Daniel 4: 28-34). That was the case with Zechariah. He questioned the truth, so he was silenced until he believed the prophesy, and after that, he was allowed to speak again.

How to ignore and overcome temptation to sin

If you read the Bible on a regular basis, you will have access to God's entire counsel. All you have to do when temptation knocks on your door is draw your weapon, aim, and resist Satan. Satan and his demons constantly tempt us to sin against God. When he tempts us with fleshly desires, he is pointing to a natural desire and advising us to satisfy it in our own selfish way. Genesis 3:1-24 in the Old Testament Bible explains how Eve fell in to the temptation. We also read about Jesus being tempted by Satan in the New Testament (Matthew 4).

This is why you shouldn’t compare yourself with other people

In this universe, we are all given different tasks to fulfill, and each of us is granted a period of time to complete them. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't compare yourself with others because their assignments are extremely different from yours. The Bible mentions several prophets, and if you study them, you'll notice that their missions and responsibilities are vastly different. At first, Moses was tasked with freeing the Israelites from Egypt, whereas Jesus was tasked with freeing the entire world from the devil.

Prayer for breakthrough

The Bible says in Isaiah 59:1-2 that the Lord's hand isn't so short that it can't save us, and that his ear isn't so heavy that it can't hear. Our sins, on the other hand, are the ones that keep us from receiving his help. Before we ask God for something, we must make sure that nothing is blocking our prayers from being answered. And, in order for the breakthrough to occur, we must have faith in God's ability to respond to our prayers.  I'd like to invite you to join me in this prayer, because the Bible says that where two or more gather in my name, I will be present.