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Broken Spirit

Have you ever felt as if there is no room for happiness and that everything is falling apart? Nevertheless I want you to know that this is just a passing phase, and you will one day realize that God was preparing you for something massive. No matter how much of your suffering went unnoticed by others, God has not missed a single moment. One day, you'll realize the beauty of His perfect timing, why your heart was broken, and why He saved such precious moments for later in your life. Unanswered prayers and restless nights will come to an end today as God brings you so much peace. And one day, you'll notice a tangible change in your existence, realizing that every tear, heartbreak, and prayer has led up to this moment in the timing of God. When you cry out to Him, praying that He will deliver you from your trials, He will work quietly, changing the tides in ways you cannot see. He'll assist you in ways you won't fully comprehend until you're healed, guiding you i