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Prayer for courage

There are times in life when we feel fear and doubt, but when we look to our Heavenly Father, he makes us courageous. The Bible encourages us in Joshua 1:9 to be strong and courageous; not to be afraid or dismayed, for the Lord our God is with us wherever we go. So after Moses' death, God appointed Joshua to lead his people. And God encouraged Joshua several times to be strong and courageous. Be incredibly brave today. God will be with you as you pray this prayer.

Resurrection of Jesus

We, as Christians, must believe that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Simply acknowledging that he died for our sins is insufficient; we must also acknowledge his resurrection in order to receive eternal life. When we believe in Christ, we are connected in faith with him. Association with Christ means that when God looks at us, he sees the righteousness of Christ rather than our unrighteousness. What does Jesus' resurrection mean for us as Christians?

The love of God

God's love was clearly proven by Jesus Christ's sacrifice, which allowed us to be forgiven and become God's children. His love has the power to move mountains, calm raging seas, mend broken bones and wounded hearts, transform lives, and set free those who have been enslaved by sin and shame. Knowing God's love for us is vital for living a healthy Christian life.

What is Pride

Pride is when you believe you are always correct and have no desire to learn from others. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the potential that awaits us if we can just let go of our pride and follow God's plan. In fact, the Bible goes so far as to warn us that God despises the sin of pride and will punish those who practice it! Let us not consider ourselves "wise in our own eyes," but rather humble and open to learning from God and others! Satan is the king of pride and his children exhibit his characteristics (John 8:44). We are motivated by pride to exaggerate the importance of our thoughts. It causes us to elevate our opinions and elevates the importance of meeting what we perceive to be our needs, even above God's and, of course, far above our fellowman's. Signs that you have pride You are slow to apologize or repent to others. You lack acceptance or patience for other people's ideas, issues, or emotions. You appear to have co

God's reason for allowing Job to suffer

Satan thought he had taken everything from Job, but God was everything to Job. Job had been in excruciating pain for months, with open sores all over his body. During this time, he was dealing with the loss of seven sons and three daughters. His entire fortune had vanished in a single day. Job's sufferings were deliberately chosen by God to prove to Satan and the armies of heaven that he valued God's worth more than his possessions, family, and health.

The Prayer of Hannah

Hannah was a phenomenal female figure in the Bible. This Bible teaches us about Hannah's great faith and powerful prayer. And assisting us in learning how to approach and view our troubles and enemies, as well as how to take them to God in prayer.  The story of Hannah's prayer is found in 1 Samuel Chapter 1. Hannah married Elkanah, a man from the tribe of Ephraim. Elkanah was married to two women and Elkanah adored Hannah, but she was heartbroken because she was childless.

How to Pray in the Spirit

As a believer, you must be baptized in the Holy Spirit in order to have access to the supernatural realm. 1 Cor 14:14 (KJV) —For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful. We should begin with confession: we should acknowledge our incapability to pray as we should. We begin by acknowledging that prayer is a spiritual activity and that the power of the flesh is useless. We must acknowledge our dryness and difficulty, as well as our dullness, lifelessness, and spiritual delay and sluggishness.

signs that you are not doing the will of God

You display a lack of the fruit of the Spirit   Every individual is unique and has a calling that is unlike any other. When you are on track with your goals, you will bear a fruit, just as Jesus instructed us to (John 15:8). When you are in mission drift, you are not maximizing your effectiveness, resulting in a lack of fruit.  A Weakening Relationship With Christ  Above all, God's call is intended to help us grow in our reliance on and relationship with Jesus. As a result, if a calling pulls us away from intimacy with Him, we can be certain that we're on the wrong track.

The power of confession

When you make a positive confession of faith as a believer, you are breaking Satan’s hold on your life. Our confession carries weight. Your confession is your possession. As a result, you must exercise caution in what you confess about your life or to those over whom you have authority.  Your life is the outcome of the words you have spoken. You have what you say... or, to put it another way, what you confess. Moses dispatched 12 spies to scout the promised land. Ten brought bad news and negative confessions.

Evening prayer for Protection

Thank you, Lord, that you are always there for me and that You have promised never to abandon or disown me. Father, there are an increasing number of evils in the world that cause our hearts to fear, but I know you have promised to be with me, to protect and defend me, even to the end of the age. I pray that you keep your nurturing hand over me and that you cover those I love with your peace, grace, relief, and faith.

The meaning of psalm 91

This book of Psalm 91 tells us that God's promise is certain, strong, and assurres us that he will be there for us no matter what we face. We will be safe from our adversary if we live in the Most High's secret place.  God serves as a constant reminder that we are not alone. He will not abandon us even in the midst of difficulties or hardships. When things appear to be at their scariest, we have a natural tendency to despair and miss out on what God may be doing in our circumstances.

A Prayer for the Day

Oh God, help us to recognize you above all else at the start of each day. So, enhance our hearts' eyes so that we can see you and recognise how you're at work in our lives. Give us wisdom to make the best decisions, and fill us with a desire to search you more than anything else in this world.  Allow your spirit and power to breathe in and through us once more, fresh and new. Thank you for being more powerful than any of the challenges we face today.

Prayer for Family

You are probably concerned about your family during these critical times that many of us are now experiencing. You may be concerned about your finances and your ability to pay your bills on time. There may be health issues that require your strength to face and address. Your concerns could range from general concerns about your family’s safety to specific concerns about your family’s safety.

The Prayer of Hezekiah

Hezekiah was an extraordinary king, and he was possibly Judah’s most righteous and faith-filled king after David. He performed extraordinary acts of service to the Lord, especially in protecting and purifying the Lord’s worship. But Hezekiah was also a remarkable man of prayer, and his prayer can serve as a model for us in terms of how we should pray to the true and living God. Our text introduces us to Hezekiah through two prayers he offers to the Lord. The first prayer requests that God be glorified in the defeat of Sennacherib’s army.

Morning devotional (Day 7)

A morning prayer is the most consistent and efficient way to start your day! The cares of the world are frequently the first thing that come to mind when you first wake up. Morning prayers will reenergize, recharge, and reawaken your love for God.  They assist you in becoming empowered to face the day with the help of the mighty Holy Spirit.

What are God’s promises to his Children

In Psalm 91, we are promised that God will cover us with his feathers and that we will be safe under his wings. When you notice your feet are slipping, God will reach down and hold you up with his unfailing and eternal love.  God assures to be with us at all times and in all circumstances. God goes ahead of us, behind us, and places his blessing hand on our heads. Isn't it reassuring to know that the Creator of the heavens and earth is our constant companion?

How to rejoice in the Lord

Joy entails much more than simply being happy. In fact, even when life is difficult, it is advisable to be joyful! "Count it all joy when you fall into different trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience," James 1:2 says. Our joy stems from knowing the living God, knowing that all of our sins have been forgiven, knowing that we will live with God for eternity, and knowing that nothing can separate us from God's incredible, overwhelming, never-ending love.

Sinner's Prayer

Sinner's Prayer is a Christian repentance prayer, prayed by people who genuinely believe that sin is present in their lives and want to form a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Oh Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner who has done a slew of things that displease you. I've lived my life solely for myself, and I apologize and repent.  I believe you died on the cross for me in order to save me. I'm coming to you now to ask you to take charge of my life. Starting today, please help me to live every day for you and in a way that pleases you.

Prayer for strength

Whether you're unfamiliar with prayer or have been praying your entire life, it can be difficult to know where to start. Perhaps the thought of praying aloud has made you nervous. Maybe you're just not sure where to begin. Dear Lord, you will renew our strength when we wait on you, according to your Word (Isaiah 40:31). Despite the fact that my strength is depleted, I am choosing to rest and spend time with you, recharging my battery. Maybe I didn't realize how literal your promises to provide us with strength for the day were.

Five ways to humble yourself before God

Serve others According to Jesus, true greatness and service to others go hand in hand. If you want to be great in God's eyes, take the low, humble road. Instead of fighting your way to the top, take the path of humility. Wash the feet of others and accept low-level positions in your church. Ongoing basis pray Prayer is a submission and humility act. when you pray you are actually telling him that you're counting on him. And you need him to be kind to you.

Why is it important for every Christian to receive spiritual deliverance?

There is a spirit behind every problem. Demons are spirits that seek out humans, animals, and even inanimate objects to inhabit in order to manifest or express themselves. Try to think of demons as bad, who must be uprooted forcefully or they will make your life a living hell!  There is only one vital question you must ask yourself to decide whether or not you are in need of deliverance. Are you saved? If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you are in need of deliverance. Every Christian, no matter where they are in their relationship with Christ, requires deliverance.

Thanksgiving prayer

It is a prayer that brings us into the presence of God on a daily basis. Regardless of what you're going through, you don't come to Him with complaints and complaining; instead, he delights in your thanksgiving. When you give thanks, you are proclaiming and publishing God's magnificent works, both in creation and, especially, in your life. It is appropriate and acceptable to recite the Thanksgiving prayer for God in both happy and difficult times. Give gratitude to God on a daily basis and watch him respond in amazing ways.

Do you have a broken heart, a sense of disappointment, rejection, or a sense of hopelessness?

 We all carry loads and grow tired, but in different ways, for various causes, and at various times. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus encourages those who are tired and troubled to come to him for rest. Jesus urges us to lay our burdens down. Rest is our supreme promise. God has revealed his heart to us from the seventh day of creation: resting in him and trusting in his work.

Why does God tell us if we are friends with the world, we become his enemies?

Friendship with the world is enmity with God, according to James 4:4. Being a friend of the world is the same as being an adversary of God. We begin to sin when we accept the ways and counsel of the unsaved into our souls, opening our hearts to their influence. Christians are to be givers, not takers, in the world. We can listen to and counsel individuals who do not know Christ in our lives. Under the umbrella of love, we can spend time with them, enjoy their company, and incorporate them in some aspects of our lives.

Why does everything happen for a reason in life?

If you’re going through a difficult time right now, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m too familiar with the sensation of hopelessness. Maybe I’m just a really sensitive person, but it has a significant impact on me. Failure and disaster, on the other hand, affect everyone. It may affect us in different ways, but it does affect us at the end of the day. Everything happens for a purpose, including the delays, setbacks, disappointments, and rejection you’ve experienced in your life.

Midnight Prayer points

1.1 In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be a candidate for amputation.  1.2 In the name of Jesus, I bind every spirit of shame that has been raised against my life. 1.3 Every spirit that opposes my breakthroughs is to be shackled in the name of Jesus.  1.4 In the name of Jesus, I release every slave spirit. 1.5 Every day, in the name of Jesus, I humiliate all my obstinate pursuers. In the name of Jesus, I bind all Herod's spirits