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Repentance prayer

Jesus died on the cross for you and me, so that our sins would be forgiven and we would be made right with God. That is how much Jesus cares about you. Three days later, he rose from the grave and is now seated at God's right hand in heaven. He offers you the free gift of eternal life in heaven with him, if you open your heart and soul to him and let him in. Right now, I want you to scorch your heart. Are you ready to let your heart be opened? Pray this simple prayer and invite Jesus Christ to be your. "I confess that I am a sinner, Lord. I've done a lot of things that make you unhappy. I've lived my entire life solely for me. I apologise, repent, and apologize for my transgression.

Did God betray me?

On November 4th, 2018, I woke up and found the day had turned into an exquisite church day, and the following day would be my birthday. I figured out how I was going to celebrate my birthday. I desired my day to be special. I wrote everything down, and later I fixed myself up for church. Time wasn’t on my side, so I texted my pal so that she could reserve a chair for me. And I didn’t get any response from my pal. I called, and she answered, "Hi, I believe you didn’t call me to tell me you will not go to church because that won’t work."   I responded to her, "no, not at all. Furthermore, I phoned because I wanted you to secure a chair for me, but it’s okay, because you’re still at your apartment. " She responded, "Yes, I am still at my flat, and sorry!!!". I dropped the phone call. I quickly rushed to the train station. I used the train on Sundays because it was free. And amazingly, I arrived earlier than I expected. The church was so crowded and the e

An open door

I was told in life that when opportunities come, I must quickly grab them, because opportunities come once and go. That is not true. In most cases, not every door that is opened is an opportunity for me to grab it. Some doors are meant to cause unnecessary delays and distractions. If it passes me by, it indicates that it was clearly not for me to take over. Recall, the bible says, "When the time is right, the LORD will make it happen" (Isaiah 60:22), meaning that when that time comes, nothing and nobody will be competent to block what God Has completed opened or activated.

Today's prayer

Dear Lord, I show up humbly before you, so grateful for life! Keep my mind free and concentrated on the things I need to accomplish. Lord, I seek to know you more and please grant me wisdom to help me in my walk with you. Help me to conquer any disputes that may come my way now. You have assured me that if I have faith like a mustard seed, we can move mountains in the way. Lord, I only want your way. Your will and your perfect timing. Please do not allow anything to happen to me or my family today except that it passes through your hands first.

God will turn your messes into elegant masterpiece

If you’re in the midst of a battle, lift it up to the LORD in prayer! Prayer is both our most powerful weapon and our most effective defense! The Bible instructs us to pray without ceasing in order to maintain regular contact with our loving heavenly father. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through in your life, big or small; every detail matters to God. That’s because what troubles you is serious in his eyes, too. I don’t care where you are or what you have done, God will meet you right there in the midst of it! Don’t think you’re too far gone or that you are a mess, because we are all God’s messes and he can take our mess and turn it into an elegant masterpiece.

Making Jesus famous

We will not stop pouring our hearts out to him. He picked us from the dust. We were dirty and lost until he came and washed us with his blood and clothed us with his grace. We had no name and title until he named us blessed. Life might be narrow, but we continue pushing because that’s what we came here for.

Don't give up on God

Jesus says if the world hates us, remember that it despised him first. When the rest of the world walks away, Jesus will stay! He is a friend who never gives up on you and who will always be by your side. Your worth is not determined by what other people think of you, or even what you think of yourself. I want you to know that when you face a storm with Jesus on your side, you are unbreakable!

How I received Jesus Christ (chapter 2)

After the prayer, I searched for myself and couldn’t identify myself. I wanted to handle myself and I couldn’t because I was extremely touched. Later, after the service, while I was busy going to my class. A lady appeared from nowhere, and I suppose God assigned her for a positive reason. She pleaded, "Why are you crying?" I responded, "I don’t  literally perceive." She responded, "Come, let me take you to the pastor so that he can pray for you."   I was so overly emotional. We went to the spot where the pastor was. And when we got there, we discovered a very long queue of learners standing by to be prayed for. I could sense that everyone was staring at me. I was very humble and ready to receive Christ. They did not allow me to stand on the line.

How I received Jesus Christ

The First Chapter November 2008 was an appalling year to start with. My eyes were extremely weary to see what was surrounding me and what was holding me. I got up that morning with a sad face, knowing that I had to begin a new day with continuous terrors in my life. I was senseless and bored at school. I was doing Grade 8; I pulled myself together for school, and little did I know, God marked it as a new day for a new chapter. School was so boring at that time. And our teacher called us to join in a prayer with the grade 12 learners—a prayer to prepare them for their final exams.

A women's Crown

I am sure that there is a princess in every woman. That girl who always wants to let her inner sparkle shine but at times gets so distracted by the cares of the world that the sparkle fades. Her life is best described and illustrated by a graph. She has her highest moments when everything is going for her, from school to work to home. All her friends love her, her man adores her, her parents praise her and all her younger sisters/cousins have her as their role model. Due to all the expectations, she gets lost in taking care of everyone, ensuring that they are all okay, so she puts her needs last. The number of responsibilities that are placed on her overwhelms her and she can not seem to catch a break.

Holy spirit fixes

A car has four wheels, and if one wheel breaks, the car cannot move. I used an example of a car because I want to point out to you that if you don’t have the holy spirit in your life, things will stag and nothing will move. Spiritually, nothing satisfactory will move. It might happen that physically, you don’t seem to have obstacles. It is important to analyze if things are okay spiritually. Allow the Holy Spirit to fix and replace that part of you which is lost and broken.

God cares and loves you extremely

God cherishes and loves you so very much. If you have concerns, worries, or anxiety about something in your life today, such as finances or relationships, your glorious father already has a plan to take care of those things for you. It’s a good arrangement, and he wants to show himself strong on your behalf. The scripture reminds us that the lilies of the field and the birds of the air are cared for. How much longer will your heavenly father look after you?Today, cast all of your anxiety on him by choosing to trust that he is going to care for you. Today, you may feel completely trapped and overwhelmed, with no solution in sight. However, impossibilities are the platform upon which God does his best work.

The biggest accomplishment

The biggest accomplishment isn’t a degree, living in a mansion house, living a luxurious lifestyle. No, the greatest achievement in existence is to detect and fulfill your purpose in life. All other achievements are just blessings. Life is too short to be moving around and looking for people’s endorsement, but rather to identify God’s endorsement.God isn’t going to reward us for how we achieved that degree or mansion, but for how we lived and fulfilled our purpose. We came into this world to achieve one thing: God’s purpose.

Godly Quotes

 "God’s package comes with blessings, not distractions."  "When God opens a gate or door in your life, no one can shut it."   "When God blesses you, he doesn’t seek any approval from anyone."  "Tough roads lead to beautiful places(destinations)."  "Waiting on God means trusting his time."

Heaven or Hell?

We have a map, and some prefer to view it upside down while others prefer to view it straight. My query is, is it leading you to heaven or hell? Because one day we are all going to arrive at a final destination where our map is leading us to. Choose righ, there are two roads. One points to heaven, while the other one points to hell. My friend, there is no shortcut to heaven.

What to do when you have sleepless nights

There are nights when we struggle to go to sleep and because of the things that are on our mind, we end up tossing and turning without the promise of sleep.That is when we need to take our miseries and our burdens to the foot of the cross and leave them there! The tremendous news is that our incredible God works the night shift, and he is consistently available when we need to talk.

God reveals in order to redeem

The enemy you know is less persuasive than the enemy you don’t know. In most cases, God displays himself to us in dreams or in visions. So whenever God discloses it to you. He is warning you to take a step and to act upon what he revealed. One thing you should perceive is that your enemy is not your neighbor, sister, colleagues, etc. We only have one enemy, which is the devil. Satan is very manipulative and if you aren’t prayerful enough, you’ll end up falling in to his traps. The day you’ll understand, you’ll avoid despising them.

The names of God

In the Bible, God is mentioned by numerous names. Each name represents an extraordinary perspective on his personality. Today, we're going to study some of God's names and what they imply.   1. Jehovah Raah interprets: Jehovah, my shepherd. He will direct your actions. A shepherd is someone who cares for and increases sheep.   2. Jehovah El Shaddai   The Mighty One of Jacob is God Almighty. He possesses top notch power, and whilst God seemed to Abraham, he stated, "I, God Almighty, am the author of the universe. Be innocent as you stroll ahead of me."   3. Jehovah Shalom    Interprets: The LORD is peace. Judges' 6: 24 "So Gideon constructed an altar to the LORD there and named it The LORD Is Peace.

A Testimony about a boy who had a vision of heaven and hell

I just want to inform you that heaven and hell are real. Many people can testify to that, and today I want to share with you a story about a young boy named Phos. The young boy was living a careless life, and he used to watch YouTube the whole day, and one night, God visited him in a dream. He explains, "My name is phos, and God came and urged me about heaven and hell. In a dream, God made me see that if I don’t change, I will go to hell. In the first dream, I died and went to heaven to see what it was like. It was beautiful, I couldn’t express it, but there were three (3) areas. The first area was a grassy field with animals and joyful people.

How to prosper

1. Choose to win- By altering how you think, how you maintain your life and how you speak. 2. Recall the bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death, declare life in every dead situation. 3.  Hook up to Christ- hook to his wisdom and power. 4. Learn his language- he communicates tenderness, faith, life and hope. 5. Go for him- when you want something, build something and anything that has to do with your needs.  6. Build a team-share your visions and missions to people you trust and look for their support through your proposal. Expect big- nothing is big before God.


Grace cannot be measured with favour, but it is something that God grants us without working or requesting it. In other words, he presents us when we don’t even qualify or seek for it. Without our effort, he likewise announces us as his offspring, not because of anything we have done, but because of the tenderness he has for us. God won’t give you something you can not control. Some individuals, if he had given them, would have perished a long time ago. So be what God wants you to be.

Salvation Prayer

"Dear Heavenly Father, please have mercy on me in accordance with your devotion. I recognize that I am a sinner, and I repent of all my transgressions. I have done what is evil in front of you. Please forgive me for all the sins I've committed, whether consciously or unconsciously, through my thoughts, words, and actions. I will be clean if I am washed in Jesus' blood. I accept you as my personal Lord and Redeemer. I declare that I will not return to my wrongdoings. Amen."

The face of Jesus

When many people pray, they use the name of Jesus, but they have a distorted or erroneous image of him in their minds. I'd like to concentrate on this subject because  I used to have a picture in my mind that he was an old man with a long beard and long hair. Those who have watched once or twice any movie about Jesus know what I am talking about. But let me tell you that Jesus's appearance in the movie is far different from the real Jesus. His head and hair are white as snow, and his eyes are like a flame of fire, according to the book of revelations (1:14-16); his feet are like pure brass, as though purified in a furnace; the sound of his voice is like the sound of many waves (water).

5 ways to Loose weight

To eat a healthier diet requires incorporating nutritional science, a jolt of typical understanding, and natural satisfaction. Most of us know that fresh salads, peaches, and slowing down when eating are better for us than wolfing down energy bars and sweets. But how to make that rise from our current habits to healthier ones?    Here are five steps you can take to eat healthy, rich meals, and certainly love what you’re ingesting. 1. Fresh or cooked vegetables can be eaten as a snack food or as a part of lunch and dinner. Salad herbs can be used as a sandwich filling. A vegetable mix can make a healthy lunch. Stir-fries, salad patties and vegetable curries make nutritious evening snacks. Try fresh vegetables like carrot and celery sticks for a snack "on the run", or just keep a package of cut up fresh vegetables top and centre in your fridge to pick your taste when you’re seeking a simple morsel.    2. Lessen the usage of salt snacks.     3. Prefer brands with le

Morning prayer

A morning prayer is so essential because how you start your day really matters. And how you start your day will determine how you will end your day. Let me remind you, you are loved and I pray for your life to change as you start your new day-which represents a new chapter of your life. Pray this prayer: Dear heavenly father, I thank you for blessing me with a new day. I pray that my day may be filled with your love and peace. I pray to have a fruitful day and may your face shine upon me. I decree and declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper; I refuse to be dismayed and my day will not be tarnished, in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.

What does the bible say about the sheep and the goats?

  The title of the message is: Are you the goat or the sheep?   Matt. 25:33 God used metaphorical or figurative language to describe sheep as righteous and goats as sinners. And God used a good example to refer to himself as a shepherd. I want you to know that God is your shepherd, and you have nothing to be afraid of. David was very prophetic in the book of Psalms. In 23:1, David recognized that he was the sheep, and God was the shepherd. The word "sheep" is mentioned a lot in the Bible because it is referring to us. Jesus told Peter that if he loved him, he must take care of his sheep.     Sometimes the shepherd uses the staff or rod to gently and firmly pull the sheep back to the fold and keep the sheep moving in the right direction.