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How do I find favour in the eyes of God?

First and foremost, we have to understand the concept of "favour". God's favour can be defined as divine kindness or an act of real empathy on God's part toward poor and unworthy human beings. God's favour is reserved for those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus. Those who are humble and despised by sin. God favours those who take pleasure in those who connect and honour Him. "These are the ones I look on with favour: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word," says the Bible in Isaiah 66:2. God pursues individuals who love Him and His commands in order to bless, guide, and protect them. We humble our souls before Him when we seek His favour; we seek Him for Himself, not only for the gifts.  He gives us and organizes our lives so that we can love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength (see Luke 10:27). The majority of people in the Bible found favour with God. Noah, for example, was favored by God himself

Why is Jesus calling himself the water of life

Jesus refers to himself as the living water due to the fact that he provides us with living water—God's Holy Spirit—that fully satisfies our innermost thirst for our Almighty Father while also moving us to produce good spiritual fruit. This divine life-giving power is far more delightful than any fleshly desire, which will never truly nourish our souls (Galatians 5:13–26). It is said that one can go for weeks without food but only a few days without water. Our bodies cannot survive for long periods of time without water, As much as our Sprits cannot survive without Jesus. Water is vital for all living things on Earth, but it also has destructive attributes. Water is frequently used in the Gospel of John to represent purity and cleansing, as well as spiritual desires. John applies water symbolism in the form of signs to reveal Jesus' identity as the Son of God. The conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan women in John 4 and the power of God as he walks on water in Joh

Understanding of seasons (Part 2)

           it is very simple to let ourselves get caught up in the trap of moaning instead of appreciating all of our blessings. Let it be a reminder to be grateful and mindful of the blessings in life whenever we find ourselves griping about the changing of the seasons or the everyday weather. Let it serve as a reminder that God is active in all circumstances, but particularly during the stages of our lives! He remains dependable in all circumstances. Along with its showers, springtime brings fresh beauty. Summertime brings heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. It also brings warmth and sunshine. Fall is a season of colour and coolness, a "falling away." Winter may enclose us, but it also brings tranquillity and rest.  * Indications that God is getting you ready for a new season: This question is crucial, especially if you are obedient to God's word and follow his statutes and commandments. However, in order to determine whether God is preparing you for a new se

Wait upon the LORD

  Life resembles a route. Additionally, there will be stop signs and speed limit or increase signs along the route! I chose to use this analogy because there are times in life when all you have to do is wait on the Almighty. And just get more prayer done when you feel like a situation has triumphed over you. Simply put on the gear and switch it out. There are moments when we may feel as though the Lord is not seeing us, hearing us, or responding to our prayers. We can place all of our faith and belief in the living God at these times. Knowing that the Lord is with us and in charge of our lives allows us to wait on Him with great anticipation. He is going to fulfill his promise. He is going to save us. Even when we are not aware of Him, He is constantly at work for our good (Romans 8:28). Waiting on the Lord is something we can learn through prayer, seeking, active trusting, patience, and courage. When we wait on the Lord, we confidently anticipate a favorable outcome, for which we have

What is a sin

Anything you say, do, or think that is contrary to what God desires is considered sin. Sin is the failure to do what is right, and sin offends people because it is wrong, unloving toward others, and ultimately rebellion against God. Furthermore, according to the Bible, sin is a condition in which the heart has a proclivity toward evil. The most serious aspect of sin is that it is the sole cause of our separation from God. Sin cannot exist in God's presence because he is holy. As a result, it is what separates us from him.

How do we allow our past to not define us  

Even if you don't have everything together, rest certain that God sees you as his priceless possession. Your past does not define who you are today. In actuality, from a spiritual viewpoint, who you are today is not determined by your past. It might affect your thoughts, but it doesn't make you who you are. God proclaims our true identity: that we are made in His likeness and in His image, reflecting both the male and female facets of God (according to Genesis 1:26-27).

Understanding of seasons (Part 1)

Nature has four seasons, which are: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. When it's summer, we think of sunshine and warm weather, and when it's winter, we think of cold temperatures. Just as there are four distinct seasons in nature, there also seem to be several spiritual seasons in our lives. God’s Word uses the seasons as a metaphor for biblical living because life is not constant.  When we fail to recognize and understand the season we are in, we can occasionally find ourselves perplexed and trapped in issues that completely devastate us.

How can I realize the guidance of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit also serves as a counselor, guiding us in the right path and revealing God's truth. Knowing God's Word is one of the most important ways to realize the Holy Spirit's guidance. The Holy Spirit does not speak on his own; he speaks what the Father tells him to say (read John 16:13). And knowing God's Word can help us determine whether our desires are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit will never push us to do anything contrary to God's Word, we must test our desires in light of Scripture. Another way to determine whether we are following the Holy Spirit's leading is to look for evidence of His fruit in our lives (Galatians 5:22). If we walk in the Spirit, we will see these qualities grow and mature in ourselves, and they will be visible to others as well.

What should we do if we are persecuted for our faith?

We must recognize that hardships are a necessary part of our journey at every stage. We can, however, conquer them if we are spiritually equipped and rooted in God's word. We can't run away from them, but we have been given the ability to face them. Without some form of suffering, you'll never be able to grow spiritually and become who God wants you to be. We must learn that God works, sometimes in greater ways, through human suffering than through any other means. You'll quit griping and crying about anything once you realize this. In the midst of life's challenges and persecution, it will require a genuine person to remain faithful.

Message of encouragement when facing difficulties

Struggles are a part of life, just as good, pleasant, and joyful times are. However, if we face our challenges with faith, we will be rewarded abundantly! When life throws a brick at you, get down on your knees and ask the Mighty One to intervene. Struggles aren't meant to kill us; they're meant to strengthen our faith by enabling us to rely on God for the strength and boldness to face difficulties.  In moments of doubt, remember who God has always been and recall his promises. Even if you're full of doubts and uncertainties, if you keep going to Him, he'll reveal Himself to be trustworthy over and over again.

Why does God hide in times of trouble?

The psalmist addressed this inquiry to God (read Psalm 10:1). The psalmist felt as if God was hidden somewhere, unable to observe the suffering of the righteous in the hands of the wicked. As Christians, regardless of the extent of our spiritual maturity, it’s possible to reach a point so low that we literally feel that everyone, including God, has forgotten us. When we are confronted with circumstances, we may begin to question God's availablility. That was David’s desperate circumstance when he wrote Psalm 10. Our questions, our wrath, and our doubts are not too big for God to manage. He sometimes uses hardship to discipline us for our own good (Hebrews 12:7–13).

The resurrection of Jesus Christ

God demonstrated his love for you and me by sending Jesus to die on the cross for us. Jesus took our sins upon himself in order for us to be forgiven and reconciled with God. Jesus arose from the dead on the third day and he ascended to God's throne, where he now reigns supreme over his kingdom. He also sent the Holy Spirit to us to instruct and guide us in the life to which he has called us. The resurrection of Jesus means that those who believe in him have been raised from the dead because they are in Christ.  This is God's generous offer of eternal life to anyone who repents, believes, and confesses that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.

Why do we need God in our weaknesses?

We need God in our weak points because our flesh may fail us and our hearts may deliberately mislead us, but God is the strength of our hearts and portion forever (See Psalm 73:26).  Weakness allows God to work profoundly in our lives. The more we acknowledge our own imperfections, the more God can reveal his power through us. When the enemy believes he has trapped us, God can and will help us.  When we trust in God in our weakness, His strength emerges in us in a number of ways, allowing us to be delivered from even the most difficult situations. God is patiently waiting to provide us with strength in our time of need. Do not be afraid to pray for God's strength to be bestowed upon you!

The cost of ignorance

In most cases, people are ignorant because they lack knowledge, understanding, or facts about something. Others have preferred ignorance over knowledge, which leads to a life of distraction.   Ignorance has the potential to cost us far more than we realize. Many people have lost their lives, their assets, their families, and much more as a result of ignorance. God frequently communicates with us through visions, dreams, and riddles (Numbers 12:7-8), yet we still tend to depend on our own understanding.

What can we learn from Mark 12:41–44?

The story of the poor widow's teaches us several lessons. There’s a reason Jesus pointed it to his disciples. And the reason for this could be that his disciples were applauding those who had given large sums of money. People who gave large sums to the temple were undoubtedly noticed. And Jesus here changed their approach by saying, “Assuredly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury, for they all put in out of their abundance, but she, out of her poverty, put in all that she had, her entire livelihood.” This means that our giving is measured based on our faith, motives, and willingness.

How do we grieve the Holy Spirit?

To grieve the Holy Spirit is to live in a sinful way. We grieve the Holy Spirit by being angry, unforgiving spreadinglies, stealing,  being bitter and cursing. According to Ephesians 4:30–31 in the Bible, "And don't grieve the Holy Spirit of God, who sealed you for the day of redemption. Remove all bitterness, fury, and indignation, as well as brawling and slander, as well as all forms of malice." The day I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior was the day I received counselling, after living a life with countless mistakes and a careless lifestyle. God forgave me that day, and he gave me a reason to live. I recall, after a man of God laid his hand on me, saying, "Do not allow the sun to go by with your anger."

Generational blessings

Many people know more about generational curses than generational blessings.  In Exodus chapter 20 verse 6, God points out to us that he can show love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.  Our kindness and faithfulness draw us closer to God, and that can cause God to bless us, not only us, but our families and future generations.  A pure life attract God’s favor and generational blessings.  God’s favor and generational blessings were bestowed upon Abraham and his family as a result of his faithfulness. 

Trusting God

When you feel empty and defeated, turn to God for help, because he is the source of your strength. If you feel like God isn’t by your side, it’s definitely a sign that you are doubting his presence. When Jesus' disciples' boat began to sink, they had no idea that Jesus was testing them. They panicked and screamed, believing they were going to die, and Jesus responded, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" (8:25–26 Matthew). It's difficult to hold on to all of the promises we've learnt during the good days when we're in the midst of a storm. But often, our faith is tested to see if we are practicing and applying God's word.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

Jesus came to bring the fulfilment of the prophecy written in Isaiah 60:1. He is the one who brought light in the universe. He is the one who provides hope, freedom, forgiveness, and love to the world. The book of John chapter 8:12, "Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." Let’s arise from the darkness, affliction, and disaster into the light, blessing, and happiness of the new things t o come.  The glory of the LORD, His beauty and splendour, will shine upon us, and we will shine by reflecting His glory.  The light within us is to shine so brightly and beautifully that those on the outside are drawn in.

Finding your true identity

God intends for all people to find their identity in Christ. When you started a relationship with Jesus, he gave you a new spirit, and you are no longer the same person you were before you became a Christian. However, you’ll keep learning and growing every day for the rest of your life as you steadily become more like Jesus.  A person without a true identity will live carelessly, wasting time and getting into too many troubles. Because you weren't designed to be that way, you'll find yourself more frustrated than ever. Your true identity allows you to mold your life the way it is supposed to be. Discover who you are today in Christ and have the confidence to be that person.