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How I received Jesus Christ (chapter 2)

After the prayer, I searched for myself and couldn’t identify myself. I wanted to handle myself and I couldn’t because I was extremely touched. Later, after the service, while I was busy going to my class. A lady appeared from nowhere, and I suppose God assigned her for a positive reason. She pleaded, "Why are you crying?" I responded, "I don’t  literally perceive." She responded, "Come, let me take you to the pastor so that he can pray for you."   I was so overly emotional. We went to the spot where the pastor was. And when we got there, we discovered a very long queue of learners standing by to be prayed for. I could sense that everyone was staring at me. I was very humble and ready to receive Christ. They did not allow me to stand on the line.

How I received Jesus Christ

The First Chapter November 2008 was an appalling year to start with. My eyes were extremely weary to see what was surrounding me and what was holding me. I got up that morning with a sad face, knowing that I had to begin a new day with continuous terrors in my life. I was senseless and bored at school. I was doing Grade 8; I pulled myself together for school, and little did I know, God marked it as a new day for a new chapter. School was so boring at that time. And our teacher called us to join in a prayer with the grade 12 learners—a prayer to prepare them for their final exams.