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Relationship advice for women

Most women are consistently nurturing and loving, so incorporating these traits into your relationship helps your partner to learn from you and motivates them to do the same for you. You must understand that partnerships are about learning from one another and that creating a joyful environment will take time. Every relationship is unique, but there are a few things that we can all do to boost your partnership’s chances of success. You may start building a solid, successful relationship by knowing how to interact and understand your partner better.

Who is the Holy spirit?

Don’t be ashamed to look absurd in front of people for the purpose of Jesus, rather than to put to shame in the eyes of God. Commemorate those people who won’t be with you on the day of judgement, the day when God will judge everyone. We are all here in this world to be tested. It will be up to you to conclude whether you choose to fail or defeat, which leads to hell, a course of transgressing and defying. God invented us in his perception and likeness so that we could be like him, and he gave us liberation and privilege to determine what we want our image to look like. People will laugh at you first, but one day they will remember your words and it will be too late to change or to go back. That day will be the day of judgement. Remember that in the book of James, it tells us that we must be vigorous in listening and be reluctant to communicate. That is, whatever words come to mind may be the words of God; God is always speaking, but we wonder what he is speaking about in our lives. Go

Humble yourself

Humbling yourself isn’t about bowing down, but bowing down with your heart, agreeing that you cannot do it. Bowing down is a first step, a good sign that he is above you and you are lower. The second step is to say it with your heart and your spirit. Keep in mind that we can never deceive the Lord. He knows our hearts. What we ever say in our heart, he hears it. As a true Christian, never allow anyone to stop you or distract you from the focus of the Lord. Allow the holy spirit to speak, talk, and work on your behalf. Let your body die so that your spirit can leave and so that Jesus can leave inside your body.

You are the Soldiers of Christ

  I am the soldier of God and you are the soldier of God, and simultaneously, we can overpower and overcome the world. Life can be troublesome, but remember who you are. You are the image of God, made specifically by love and the hands of God. You are beautiful and never allow anyone to look down on you. You might have lost in life, but as a soldier of God, stand and fight then. We failed so many battles, but that doesn’t make us losers, because here we are still fresh and still breathing.   This is called an opportunity and a lesson to show us that we shouldn’t make the same mistakes. Soldiers don’t give up because their aim is to win the battle.   They obey their commander and our commander is God. Let’s stand tall again with God and face the thing called the devil. He thinks he has won, but we encourage him to try harder. King Pharaoh hardened the heart of God so that he would not allow the Israelites to go because he wanted to demonstrate his power to the Israelites. The day M

What is your true identity before God?

You are fearless and bold by nature. You were carried out firmly, not by the hands of a man but by the hands of God himself.  On every occasion when you go through a bunch of imposes, just bow down and look up to God and he will have your back. We were once considered sinners, but now we are called saints. In his view, we are blessed. Always recognize how powerful and massive you are. Look around you. Nobody has consistently embraced you like the family of Christ. God’s kingdom is where you reside.