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You will find love

Even though your life is like a prison, light will eventually tear you open. You will gradually transform into stars. You will gradually transform into the entire beautiful, sensual cosmos. Love will undoubtedly blast you open into an unbridled, booming new universe. When you have a pure and compassionate heart, God will make sure that everything works out for you.

I'm not going to worry

I know that you’ve caught me. Right inside the palm of your hand, at each and every juncture, what’s good and what gets broken? Create only the course that you work out on. You are here. You’re sincere. I believe I can count on you even when it constrains me. Even when it’s troublesome. Even when it all just falls apart, I will fly to you because I perceive that you are a companion to my soul, a healer of my scars, and a source of comfort..