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Lover of my soul

I am that girl who still believes that it is possible to love someone honestly. I still believe in marriage in light of the fact that this is one institution that has been misrepresented, tainted, and defiled by many. It is tempting and really easy to give up on all that, especially when you get to see the statistics that show the number of divorces that happen and those that are likely to take over (place).  What makes it worse is when as an individual you have had your own share of failed relationships and, to be honest, this has the power to just put you in a bad place emotionally and psychologically. It possible to find a lover of your flesh. That person who holds you when you want to be held and who agrees with you sensually.

I did not know i was pregnant

I didn’t perceive how I missed the symptoms called ‘Jesus’ name... Little did I notice that I was already in labor. I did not understand what was going on, so I told the Lord to take the cup away from me as I thought it to be affliction from the enemy, plus the fact that I couldn’t take it anymore. My unbelief clouded my vision as the tempest turned my smile upside down and all that was left was my heart singing that I have no other God but you, so aid me.. You see, most of us go through existence without a distinct revelation of just what it is that God has put in us. As a result, some of us are pregnant (with His treasure) but are unaware of it. So he allows us to feel the pain, and the discomfort, so that we can first realize what it is that we are carrying, and also to prevent us, from missing our time of delivery or from aborting the baby (destiny) . The beauty about this is that what you have in you is a promise from God. One thing I have learnt firsthand about God’s obligations

The man I wanted to get married to

I was once called a religious fanatic, too saved, too uptight, and the list goes on. Somebody even told me I was looking for an angel when I answered  a question I was asked more than a year ago about the man I wanted to get married to. Le t’s back it up a little… I met a man of God a couple of years ago and I bless God for Him because He made me understand something to do with marriage. I say this because there are some things you only realize when you live with your husband or wife... not before.