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Positive confessions/Declarations

As I was praying today, the Holy Spirit whispered into my ears, and he said, "Speak positive confessions." And I began to remember that I am the light of the world- Light is meant to shine in darkness. To put it another way, you are meant to shine in your circumstances.  The Bible, in the book of Proverbs, 18:21, tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death (God has equipped the tongue with the access to create). Our tongue has gotten us into a lot of sticky situations, but it can also get us out of them.

The power of confession

When you make a positive confession of faith as a believer, you are breaking Satan’s hold on your life. Our confession carries weight. Your confession is your possession. As a result, you must exercise caution in what you confess about your life or to those over whom you have authority.  Your life is the outcome of the words you have spoken. You have what you say... or, to put it another way, what you confess. Moses dispatched 12 spies to scout the promised land. Ten brought bad news and negative confessions.

Giving thanks to the LORD

He has made me a reason to endure. A comforter for my lament. He washed me when I was unclean. He cleared my views when I was unconscious and folded. He lent me the way when I was forgotten. He showed me affection when anybody bounded me. Where would I be without his gracious love? Where would I be if I never met him? I was in the wilderness and now I have been found. I cry every time I think about what he's done and how deep his love and comfort are. He chose me and welcomed me with opened arms.. I was a sinner, but now I am his. I found shelter in his arms and I am of God, for he loves me more than I love myself. When life was tough, I would sometimes think of taking my life away, but he would come and remind me who I am. He admonishes me that he is bigger than my problems.. He will never fail me.

You are the Soldiers of Christ

  I am the soldier of God and you are the soldier of God, and simultaneously, we can overpower and overcome the world. Life can be troublesome, but remember who you are. You are the image of God, made specifically by love and the hands of God. You are beautiful and never allow anyone to look down on you. You might have lost in life, but as a soldier of God, stand and fight then. We failed so many battles, but that doesn’t make us losers, because here we are still fresh and still breathing.   This is called an opportunity and a lesson to show us that we shouldn’t make the same mistakes. Soldiers don’t give up because their aim is to win the battle.   They obey their commander and our commander is God. Let’s stand tall again with God and face the thing called the devil. He thinks he has won, but we encourage him to try harder. King Pharaoh hardened the heart of God so that he would not allow the Israelites to go because he wanted to demonstrate his power to the Israelites. The day M

What is your true identity before God?

You are fearless and bold by nature. You were carried out firmly, not by the hands of a man but by the hands of God himself.  On every occasion when you go through a bunch of imposes, just bow down and look up to God and he will have your back. We were once considered sinners, but now we are called saints. In his view, we are blessed. Always recognize how powerful and massive you are. Look around you. Nobody has consistently embraced you like the family of Christ. God’s kingdom is where you reside.