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End of the Year December Wishes and Prayers

Satan will not steal your joy as the year draws to an end. Everything you've accumulated over the course of the year will not be discarded. In the coming year, you, your family, and everything the Lord has blessed you with will not be forgotten.   God bless you and keep you and may God's blessings be upon you and bring you peace. May the light of his face shine upon you. May you never lose your balancing, and never trip or fall. You and your family will be blessed by the Lord's peace. There's a buzz of anticipation in the air, In just a few hours, the year will be over. May the Lord's joy and favor be with you and your family in the coming year. God's blessings on you.

Why is tithing and giving to the Lord so important?

Tithe is like insurance for your life. Tithing is a way of honoring God as your provider and reminding yourself that all of your resources belong to Him and are provided by His grace. You set your course to honor God in the way you handle the rest of your finances as you give away the first 10% of your income. Giving a tithe and going above and beyond the tithe are two ways to honor God while also helping others. "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house, says the Lord of hosts, and test me now.

Why do I keep seeing that delay?

There are two types of delays: necessary delay (delays caused by God himself) and unnecessary delay (delays caused by Satan). Let us concentrate on God's delays and why he is causing them. The following are the answers from the book of Exodus in the Bible: Exodus 13:17, Exodus 13:18, (We find in this scripture that God did not take the short route). When God wants to take us somewhere, he may choose a long route rather than a short one. Someone might wonder why God took the long route, causing the children of Israel to be delayed in entering the promised land. God put this type of delay in place for a specific reason.

Christians shouldn’t run away from their problems

Running away from the problem is the worst mistake we can make as Christians. We should not flee when confronted with a difficult situation. Running away from a problem is more like running away from an exam room. "You are not alone in that problem," God says tonight. "I'm right there with you." "I'm going to confront it with you." You cannot run away from your problems; instead, you must confront them with God. The only thing you can do now is figure out how and when to get out of it. Believe that God is aware of your situation and that he is guiding you through it.

Prayer for the New Year 2022

One of the most appealing aspects of a new year is that it brings new hope. It is frequently referred to as a new beginning or a clean slate. Isn't that, after all, the point of New Year's resolutions? No one knows what the new year, or any new day, will bring (Only God knows). Ending the year with New Year's prayers can help you set the best goals for 2022. Instead of joyous moments and an exciting list of New Year's resolutions to achieve, the year 2021 has left us in desperate need of hope, healing, and peace. Whatever happens the rest of the year, as we look forward to the new year, I'd like to offer five prayers to consider.

The importance of forgiveness:

I t's difficult to forgive someone who has betrayed your trust, especially if you put your faith in the wrong person. We can't forgive on our own, we need the Holy Spirit's assistance. The Holy Spirit, according to Romans 8:26, assists us in our weaknesses. Forgiveness entails letting go of all the hurt, breaking free from those shackles, and moving on. Not forgiving someone is the same as remaining imprisoned in a bitterness-filled jail cell, serving time for someone else's crime. Refusing to forgive and keeping the toxicity in your own head will only add to the drama in your personal life.

What is the best Christmas gift you can give to Jesus?

Giving to the poor is the best gift you can give to Jesus this Christmas (holiday) season. Also, remind them of Jesus' love and adoration for them.  The Bible in Isaiah 58:7 encourages us to share our food with the hungry and bring poor, homeless people into our own homes. The Bible is replete with examples of God's love for the poor.  To be humans after God's heart, we must defend the motherless and fatherless, feed the hungry, be generous to the poor, and proclaim to the poor, "God loves you." As Christians, we have a responsibility to help one another, but we are also called to help those who are less fortunate.

Christmas prayer for the family

Christmas prayers are a lovely way to remember Jesus Christ's birth and all of our blessings. Without a doubt, the pandemic made this a difficult year for all of us. We should focus on the hope and joy we have despite the circumstances that surround us as we remember God's love and the gift of Jesus this holiday season. Prayer is also a wonderful way to take a break from the daily grind and remember what matters most.  As we approach the holiday season, we have yet another chance to pause in the midst of all the excitement, decorations, and commercialization.

How does the devil destroy Christians lives

One of Satan's missions in this world is to destroy believers' (Christian's) lives. And he's after our destiny, calling, visions and purpose in this world because he understands that a life without meaning is meaningless. He's always on the look-out for the believer's strengths and weaknesses. He misleads believers (Christians) astray from God's plan by causing them to sin.  The enemy understands that when your destiny is shattered, you become a walking corpse. Spiritual discernment can protect you from the enemy's destructive lies.

How to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit:

To begin, we must first recognize and comprehend the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a divine person who, along with the Father and the Son, is intimately involved in our salvation. Without an understanding of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to understand the Bible and your relationship with God. We cannot describe the Holy Spirit as "it". The Holy Spirit is a living being; he is not something but someone, according to the Bible. He is the Supreme Being and he is described as a helper in the Bible's book of John 14:26.

Six important prayers to help you start 2022

The way you begin the year will determine how you finish it. Knowing and praying for the year ahead is crucial. Satan always prepares for the worst in order to bring us down. Let us thank God for everything we have and look forward to a prosperous new year. We should let go of the year's bitterness and frustrations. And let us enter the new year with the assurance that God loves us and desires the best for us. We should have hope that the focus of the new year will be on self-healing through repentance and mental renewal. We can spread hope in our own hearts, homes, and communities.

Prayer for peace of mind

Perhaps your day has just begun and your thoughts are already going down the drain, leaving you without rest.  One of the things that can wreck your life is a lack of peace. Anxiety, worry, fear, and even depression can result. It has an impact on our homes, lives, relationships, and workplaces or schools. However, the good news is that we don't have to suffer because of it.  An intimate relationship with God is the best place to turn for comfort in those overwhelming moments when your mind is filled with fear and anxiety.

Obedience is better than sacrifice

I recall writing about five different ways to reach God's heart. I also left obedience out because I planned to write about it separately. Touching God's heart requires a great deal of obedience. When we follow God's instructions, he is extremely pleased. Because you obeyed God's voice, you were able to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord. Obedience entails complying with and submitting to restraint authorities' commands. The voice above all voices—the voice of God—is what Christianity is all about. You must obey and submit without question if he gives you instructions.

What was the purpose of Jesus' use of parables in his teachings?

Jesus' disciples questioned him about why he spoke in parables (Matthew 13:10). In verses 11-17, he responded, "Because you have been given the knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but they have not. Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance and whoever does not have will have even what he has taken away from him. As a result, I speak to them in parables, because they do not see, nor do they hear, nor do they comprehend." He literally quoted Isaiah 6:9-10 to demonstrate that not everyone would hear or see.

Is anointing oil biblical or scriptural?

Such questions have been posed by a large number of people. Others propose that churches nowadays are no longer focused on preaching the word of God. And all they do is smear oil on people. When you don't know or understand something, you don't always have to beat yourself up about it. God necessitates knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  That’s why the Bible in the book of Hosea says, "My people perish because they lack knowledge." God said that because he was aware of his people's reliance on their own observations and understanding.

How to wait and trust God’s process?

  I believe God directed me to this topic because he is aware that many people lack patience. They have a difficult time waiting on God because they compare themselves to others. And they believe God loves them less. Remember, God is all-knowing, he even knows when it is appropriate to bless his children. The Bible tells us in the book of Isaiah 60:22 that when the right time comes for God to bless us, he will do so. Even when we struggle to love ourselves, we have access to Jesus' unconditional and everlasting love.

How did Daniel deal with Satan and the three governors?

We all have a common adversary, and that adversary is the devil. If you think you are the only one having problems, it's time you realized that everyone has their own issues. If you read and understand Daniel's stories, you will notice that he was a prayerful man. He used to pray three times a day, according to Daniel Chapter 6:1-9. Daniel's weakness, according to Satan, was prayer, and the only way to stop him was through three governors. They wanted to take him down because he had an excellent spirit.

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit's work in our lives tends to produce the fruit of the Spirit. When we come to Christ, the Holy Spirit indwells us and begins to bear fruit in us. He begins to work in us, sanctify us, and conform us to the image of Jesus.  These are the nine features that all Spirit-filled believers must exhibit in their lives, Calatians 5:22-23: Love It's not surprising that love is the first fruit identified.

Five ways to touch the heart of God.

Faith According to the book of Hebrews, we inherit God's promises through faith and it is impossible to please God without faith. Giving Giving is another way to reach out to God's heart. Giving is one of the most important keys to achieving financial success. In Luke 6:38, Jesus says that if you give to God, men will feel compelled to give to you. Similarly, he claims, the same containers you use will be filled and returned to you multiple times. You will get the same measurement from him if you give a good measurement.

The importance of prayer

Prayer is one of the most profound ways we can communicate with God. During prayer, we express our feelings, thoughts, innermost concerns and fears, and what we are most thankful for in life. When we spend time in prayer, we hear from God and make room for the Holy Spirit to guide our steps and transform our hearts.  The Bible teaches us that God is truly with us, and what a blessing it is to be so close to God.

Stages of Passing God’s Test.

When we face adversity, Satan tells us that God does not love us. When God wants to advance us, he first puts us through a test.  This is always referred to as a test stage.  Individuals lose sight of God's love.  God is right there with you, observing and testing you to see if you will pass that level and move on. Before a baby can walk, he or she goes through several stages.  The pre-baby stage is when a baby learns to sit, crawl, and roll over. When they learn to take their first steps and the mother recognizes that the baby is ready to walk, she allows the baby to walk on his or her own.

God’s message for today: Don’t speak when I haven’t spoken, and don’t go where I haven’t sent you

The decisions we make today can either draw us closer to God or push us away from him. It is significant to ask God if he approves of our daily routine. In other words, I persuade you to "ask God for the spirit of discernment." It is important that we live our lives in order to please God rather than our own self interests! The main point of Jonah's story was to teach us to be obedient (submissive). God was not pleased with Jonah's decision because he chose to go to Tarshish over Nineveh.