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You are the Soldiers of Christ

 I am the soldier of God and you are the soldier of God, and simultaneously, we can overpower and overcome the world. Life can be troublesome, but remember who you are. You are the image of God, made specifically by love and the hands of God. You are beautiful and never allow anyone to look down on you. You might have lost in life, but as a soldier of God, stand and fight then. We failed so many battles, but that doesn’t make us losers, because here we are still fresh and still breathing.
This is called an opportunity and a lesson to show us that we shouldn’t make the same mistakes. Soldiers don’t give up because their aim is to win the battle.  
They obey their commander and our commander is God. Let’s stand tall again with God and face the thing called the devil. He thinks he has won, but we encourage him to try harder. King Pharaoh hardened the heart of God so that he would not allow the Israelites to go because he wanted to demonstrate his power to the Israelites. The day Moses and his people left Egypt was the same day that God opened the sea and allowed all the Israelites to pass through it. God also made King Pharaoh and his agents to be swallowed by the sea.
Exodus: 14-21. Today, God might have allowed the devil to harden his heart and not let us go, but you know what? This is the ideal moment or time.. 
 (Exodus 5:1) 
It might happen that you don’t have a job because of not having the qualifications or skills, but let’s believe that the same God who made the sea open shall open all closed doors for us today. You lost this and that and you wept, but today I encourage you to stand...


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