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The power of confession

When you make a positive confession of faith as a believer, you are breaking Satan’s hold on your life. Our confession carries weight. Your confession is your possession. As a result, you must exercise caution in what you confess about your life or to those over whom you have authority.

 Your life is the outcome of the words you have spoken. You have what you say... or, to put it another way, what you confess.

Moses dispatched 12 spies to scout the promised land. Ten brought bad news and negative confessions. Their confessions destroyed them, and they never made it to the promised land. Joshua and Caleb, two people, brought good news and positive confessions.

Their confessions embodied in their lives; they got to the promised land and possessed it.

Allow the words you speak to be blessings rather than curses. You’re only a few words away from reaping your reward. Don’t let negative speech get in the way of your breakthrough; speak the truth! 

 For most individuals, their lives are a product of their confession, or the confessions made by their family on their behalf. Similarly, some people have spoken greatness into their own or their children’s lives through positive confessions that manifested; they made it and became extremely successful in life.

If you have made negative confessions about your life, your children, or other people, start renouncing them now and truly repenting. I beseech the Lord to have mercy on you, to forgive you, to reverse all of your negative pronouncements, and to restore all the years you have lost as a result. In the name of Jesus.


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